Activities of Nijhof BGB, Biological Control.
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Activities of Nijhof BGB, Biological control. Take a look at our large variation of natural predators.
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For determination of pests, background information and best control strategy, please visit this page.
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We have an international reputation for our work in interior plantings of Botanical Gardens, Zoo's, Tropical Swimming Pools, Offices, Hospitals and Shopping Centres. 

Biological control in Exterior Public Green is done in warmer climates with (sub-) tropical plantings but also in temperate zones on golf-courses and trees in the avenues, squares and parks of cities. Furthermore, we offer our services in greenhouses for the protection of ornamentals and food crops and we are involved in multiple innovative projects.

Our products and services have been used internationally in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Scandinavia, United Kingdom, Switzerland and The Canary Islands. If you are looking for innovative and environmental friendly solutions for pest control and if you are interested in our products or knowledge, please contact us.

Every location has his own climatic conditions and spectrum of plant species and pests. We have an integrated approach in which we identify the present species of pests and determine the level of infestation. As we offer a large range of different natural predators, we have an extroardinary capability to help out in almost every case. But if nescessary, we search and rear new natural predators that are needed on a specific location.